It’s almost February… which means (for the slow starters) it’s time to kick-start new years resolutions to hit the gym. The good news is – it’s still the start of the year. January may have been and gone, but we still have the majority of 2016 in front of us to defeat those fitness goals. And what better excuse to get to the gym than a new, cutting-edge, ultra modern outfit to train in.

Being obsessed with women’s sports fashion, I spend way more time than I’m prepared to admit gazing at other athletes strutting around in their trendy leggings and scrolling through fitness pages on Instagram. So, I’ve gathered together the ultimate gym look for us girls.

Sports bra

The foundations for a perfect (and, more importantly, practical) outfit begin with a sports bra. When it comes to underwear, my first point of call is always Nike. Many women’s fitness brands focus on image/style when designing sports bras, which often means comfort and support are overlooked – which, of course, is an important factor when exercising. Nike seems to produce the best of both worlds. A perfect example is this Nike Pro Classic Padded Tidal Multi Women’s Sports Bra.


As far as tops go, personally, I prefer to work out in a vest. It makes it easier to move more flexibly, and, more importantly for cardio fanatics like me, it keeps you cool. This open back Sol Tank vest from Fabletics isn’t only lightweight, but also lets you rock a funky patterned bra underneath.


Depending on the extremes you go to to burn extra calories, depends on how resilient your leggings should be. Chose what you wish if you prefer to take it easy, but if you’re anything like me and spend your days squat jumping around the room and going intolerably fast on the treadmill, then you’ll probably be better resorting to leggings that are just as tough as your workouts. Nike Pro Hyper Cool Women’s Training Tights are essential. The seams don’t come apart, they don’t ride up (or down!), they’re not see-through and they last a life time.


Every athlete needs a slick pair of trainers. Depending on the type of exercise depends on which type of trainer you wear – it’s not all about how they look. The important element when deciding which shoes to purchase is support, to avoid injury and to keep comfy whilst moving. If you’re a runner, check out these Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 iD Running Shoes. They’re girly with a strong hint of I mean business.


There’s still people out there who think taking supplements is for guys and guys only. According to them, any form of weight training or protein shaking is going to make you into the lady version of Hulk Hogan. So, what better way to add some sparkle to your supplement than a chic pink bottle. My Protein has done it for the girls with this stylish SmartShake Shakerand it won’t break the bank.

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