When at uni, a clean and tidy room is probably not your priority, but it’s one of those things that once in a while just has to be done. There are so many products out there to buy, but do we actually need all of them? Also, research has shown that most of them often contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals can build up in our bodies over time by us inhaling the fumes given off by these commodities, or even by absorbing some of the products through our skin. Here are some cheap and natural alternatives to household cleaners:


Surface cleaner and stain remover. No matter how tarnished your copper cookware, a lemon can make it all better. It can also make your plastic containers smell nice! Just spread some lemon juice combined with water, using tea towels or paper towels and it’s done. Not only does it have huge health benefits (high in vitamin C), but it’s also a great commodity in your kitchen.


This is an essential! You can do so many things with it like wash the floor and clean your windows! You probably won’t be bothered about cleaning your windows at uni, but just bare it in mind for future reference. You can also clean garbage disposal use it as an ant detergent, get rid of fruit flies, clean stainless steel appliances and lean your dishes! (It’s natural and cheaper than buying washing up liquid, win-win). Not to mention that it can also help clean shower doors, keep flowers longer, clean leather shoes and golden jewellery, or remove lime stains from your car! The list goes on and on, so it’s something that you need to have handy.

Baking soda

It is good to add to your wash in small quantities for an extra cleaning boost, cleans grease from blocked drains, helpuf with cleaning surfaces, kept in a small box in the refrigerator will keep away unpleasant odors.

Olive oil

You can polish wooden furniture with it and protect rattan and wicker ones too. It also helps with getting paint off your hands!

Now you know that sometimes cheaper means better. So stop buying all of those unnecesseray and expensive products and go eco friendly and try out some natural solutions!

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