Starting university is likely to be the first time you’ve moved away from home. When you arrive you’re handed the key to your new room. You feel sick with anticipation. You turn the key, open the door and then realise it was a complete anti-climax. Your room is nothing but a blank box. It has no identity. It doesn’t represent who you are and that home-sick feeling quickly escalates.

We decided to come up with some ideas to help you put your own stamp on those lifeless four walls. Charity shops and websites such as Freecyle UK are great for picking up a good deal and mean you don’t have to break the bank. Besides, often it’s the little touches that make all the difference.

Of course there are loads of generic items you could purchase in order to make your room more homely – cushions, ornaments, fairy lights, to name a few. Sound boring? We thought so too, so we’ve gone against the norm and have uncovered some slightly quirkier ideas…

1. Light up your life

Use marker pens to draw cool patterns and designs onto your light bulbs.

2. Back to nature

Bring the outside in by adding some colourful plants to your windowsill. Don’t have a vase? Use a wine bottle instead.

3. Tape it up

Get some funky tape and use it to frame your photos of family and friends.

4. Go old school

Buy a blackboard sticker to add some personalisation to your room and to remind
you of those important deadlines!

5. Scratch the map

Purchase a silver painted map, grab a coin and scratch off all the countries you’ve visited.

6. Float away

Sick of seeing books piled up on the floor? An invisible book shelf will solve all your messy dilemmas and is sure
to get your friends talking!

7. What a corker!

Drink lots of wine, save all the corks and then create your own cork board.

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