When applying for jobs, sending a well-thought-out Curriculum Vitae could be the difference between you landing that dream job! So, it goes without question that your CV needs to be tip-top. This is your opportunity to sell yourself, and prove that you are the needle in the haystack your potential employer has been searching for! Here are some tips to help you get that interview opportunity!

How To Prepare Your CV

Keep It Concise

Strictly no more than two pages of A4! Employers spend an average of just 8 seconds looking at each CV, so if there’s a hint of repetition, waffling, or mistakes, that’s your application in the NO pile!

Tailor Your CV

DO NOT send the same CV to each job you apply for! Make an effort to tailor it to a specific job. Research the company and use the job advert to work out what skills you have for the position and list them!

Write a Personal Statement

Now you have a clear understanding of the skills required for the job, briefly include a short explanation within your personal statement, stating why you are the person for the job! Use a personal statement character checker to see how long yours is.

Make Zero Mistakes!

It goes without saying that your CV should have NO mistakes! An obvious point, but you’d be very surprised at how many people send CV’s with errors. Have yours proof read properly. Ask close friends and family to read it, and run a spell check too! Use correct grammar and of course, use correct/up-to-date contact information!

Get Creative

Your CV needs to look professional, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. If you’re going for a presenting or customer facing role for example, why not send a video CV in! All of the previous guidelines still apply, but this could really help you get noticed from the rest.

Social Media Savvy

What with every man and his dog now on Facebook, it’s worth bearing this in mind. Consider changing your Facebook settings if there are pictures of you out drunk with your mates. You want to ensure that every impression you send is a good one! If you’re not already on LinkedIn, why not set up a profile? This is not only a fantastic opportunity to prove your professionalism, but also, a way to connect and network with other
business people.