As an English student one of the things you are most likely to hear is “Oh so you want to be a teacher?”
If you do want to be a teacher that’s incredible and will be a wonderful career that will make a huge differences to your students lives.
However, not every English student wants to be a teacher, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Please trust me when I say, English students get fed up with being asked this.
There are a wide range of suitable and fantastic career paths that English students can embark upon.


Journalism is writing. English students study writing. An English student in particular would make an interesting feature writer or even a copywriter as they have a wide understanding of the language and can play with words and sentences in an unique way.


Literature students in particular spend their degree studying some of the best novels the world has ever seen. This could help them in writing and releasing extremely successful novels as they know what is considered as “genius” and what actually works within literature.
Also it’s likely that they will be passionate about books, making their own novels more enjoyable.


If after your degree you are sick of writing and never want to write anything over 100 words again, you could be apart of the team that works to publish and release the latest novels.
Again, a literature student knows what is considered to work within literature, so can help the best new novels be released into the world.

What Ever You Want:

Just because you studied a certain subject in university, it doesn’t mean you’re tied down to that subject your whole life. Once you leave university, sorry to be cliché but, the world’s your oyster. You can leave university and do whatever job you want to. You’re free to be who you want!

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