A sublime website with the ability to indulge into the most advanced searches around. allows you to search not only new and old, but also lets you get into the depths of the year of publication and if the book is out of print. Select your destination and currency, followed by a quick punch in of the ISBN and you’ll find an affordable scroll within seconds. Bookfinder is simple yet effective and by far one of the best solutions to your pre-study worries.


The first port of call for your entire page-turning needs. Amazon is not only global, but carries so many copies from many suppliers making it an international library. Individual sellers to bulk retailers, this go-to web shop pops every genre at a variety of prices, meaning there is something for every student. Not only that, but when you’ve slugged through the pain of study and revision, the once expensive publication can then be resold for the next budding enthusiast to pick up. Buying or selling, you can definitely rely on Amazon.


Straight away, AbeBooks pulls in the punters with the one-liner ‘Free Delivery’. No minimum spend, no fuss; they stick to their promise, getting you your book with a delivery system that is penniless. As well as that, AbeBooks offer a 30-Day Guarantee making it a sure no-brainer to get your non-fiction fix; if the print is not to your standard, you can send it back. Keeping with the money saving scheme, all of the buy and sell books are sold at a discounted price. If we are honest, what’s better than saving a few pounds in the back pocket for a student?


Not into buying books as you only require them for the short term? Zilok is the place for you. At a small fee, depending on the publication you require, you can treat your grey cells to some page-turning knowledge. A popular choice amongst those not looking to commit to long term studying, as well as saving some money, renting can prove the smart solution and make student life that little bit easier. Zilok not only rents out books, but also many other fun things like gadgets and cars, so this is certainly a site to bookmark.

County Digital Library

Link yourself online with a local library membership and your text book tears will be no more. Free to borrow e-books from A-Z, the digital library couldn’t be any easier to use and what’s more, you don’t even have to leave your room. All you need is patience, an internet connection and a membership and you’ll be on your way. This is, in our opinion, the best way to swat up on research and feast your brain on that much needed knowledge. Carving your way to a first couldn’t be easier and now the excuse of not having the books isn’t applicable. Goodbye bad grades, hello celebration and success. Who can forget IT’S FREE.

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