February the 14th is fast approaching, although for some it’s just another day, for others it’s a day to convey their love for their other half by spoiling them rotten. For students this can be very costly, as many restaurants and shops take advantage of the day by increasing prices and therefore, leaving you broke. I’m going to guide you on how you can spoil your other half rotten on a budget.

Personal gifts are better and more affordable

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to your other half, or someone you want to be romantically involved with, and there’s not a better way than to make or purchase a personal gift that will have sentimental value. If you make the gift that’s even better, as you will save so much money. So why not get creative and maybe make a photo collage of you and your loved one, a book with your funniest and cutest conversations, or you could buy them all their favourite little things and put it in a basket (very cute and affordable.)

Stay in and save so much money

You don’t have to go out on Valentines Day. Why not stay in and make a romantic three course meal for your loved one? This will taste way better than restaurant food because its made with love and if you can’t cook and you have taken your time out to learn, that is the ultimate symbol of love. Instead of going to the cinema you can also do a movie night in and make your own popcorn in the comfort of your own house, or theirs!

For the Adventurous couples: Book activities in advance

If you and your loved one are a bit more adventurous, and are tired of cliché dates and can afford to do something a little bit more exciting, then my advice to you is to book in advance. If you like travelling maybe book a three-day holiday that can cost you as little as £500 for the both of you, including your flights, hotel and food.

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