Here at the SPG, we know how to get a party started! To make your pre drinks extravaganza soar above
the rest, we’ve come up with the ultimate guide on quenching your thirst in style, so without further ado, get your glasses at the ready because at number five we have…

5. Beer pong

It can’t be said that we always get on with our overseas cousins in North America, but for this we can purely send
our love and devotion. Since being a staple in the States, beer pong stormed many frat parties for years, but now,
somehow, it’s  oated its way across the pond and landed in every house party in the UK. A simplistic idea, setting up ten cups in a triangle stance either side of a table and filling them up a quarter full with a select beverage. Once you and your opposing drinker set up, let the games commence. Balls have to be thrown into the oppositions set of cups alternately and if one lands in yours, bottoms up on that drink. The last cup comes and you see yourself trying to line up your dead eye from swaying to sink your opponent. Grab your table, ping pong balls, cups, beer and most importantly skill because this will keep you buzzing for ages. Beware though; mops may be in need for any spillages.

4. Never have I ever

To cut a long story short, this is like being grilled in an interview by a journalist, but with booze and brutal
questions. Need to know something about your friends or  atmates? Well we suggest you play ‘never have I
ever’. Gather round in a circle and prepare yourself for a judgemental, socialised battering which isn’t for the faint hearted. The basic concept is that you and your pals take it in turns to ask questions to the group, if the answer is yes, you have done it… then you drink. If not, you don’t. Keep your eyes peeled for any cheaters and grass up your mates, because people are renowned for trying to dodge bullets on this one.

3. Edward Ciderhands

The simplest, the cheapest and probably the funniest game out of the five. Edward Ciderhands is a beautiful descendant of the famous Johnny Depp  lm, Edward Scissorhands, and if we were associated with this, we’d sure be proud. Get down the local corner store and stock up on resources, because this game is one to remember: two bulging bottles of the cheapest cider and a reel of the toughest electrical tape you can find. Then cement the bottles to both hands using the sticky wrap, get someone to remove the lids and kaboom, Edward Ciderhands. Also recommended as a fancy dress get up, the person playing Ciderhands can’t remove the bottles until they are fully consumed, proving hilarity for one and all. Watch on in hysterics as Ed struggles to sip on the booze, whilst being in dire need for the toilet, food and the completion of other essential tasks.

2. Don’t show teeth

Looking like a gummy granny without any false teeth in, ‘don’t show your teeth’ is a laugh-out-loud, chuckle buster. The aim of the game is to start a topic, then round by round, each person has to say a word relating to the subject. One catch, you can’t show your teeth. Whoever breaks the rule and shows their pearly whites whilst trying to spit the words between their lips loses, therefore has to forfeit the ultimate shot or selected rule. Even better, try risking the game with a gob full of alcohol and witness the mess unroll alongside the cracking laughs.

1. Ring of fire

Hands down, the all time best student drinking game ever to  fill a glass. If you’ve never played it and you’re a student, where have you been hiding? And if you’re a fresher just joining uni, welcome to your new favourite game over any pastime. All it takes is a pack of cards, a few of your friends, booze and an empty pint glass. In a rough form, sprinkle the cards face down around your pint cup and crack open a tinny, as this is where the fun begins. Again, alternately, you and your amigos whisk a card from the dreaded pile, revealing the number or picture. And for every card, there is a rule – for example… if you pull a two, you choose someone to drink; nine is a rhyme around the circle until someone can’t think of a word and so on. Draw a king and my goodness you will cause a storm; the almighty king states every player pours a dribble of drink into the empty cup in the middle. This creates the doomed dirty pint and if you pull the fourth king from the deck, it’s all yours to guzzle! (I hope
you have a solid stomach). Normally followed by a ‘down it, down it, down it’, this corrosive cocktail will be enough to send you spinning, so put on a brave face and earn that king’s crown.

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