The majority of my friends have smaller boobs than me. In fact, only one or two are bigger! They always say ‘I wish I had your boobs’ or ‘Your boobs are massive!’ Although I don’t hate my boobs, or my body in general, I do wish I could make some minor adjustments to the size of my ‘titty bojangles’ as my boyfriend calls them!

I’m 18, 5″3, and 9 and a half stone. Although my height and weight are perfectly acceptable and nothing at all to be ashamed of, my boobs are a 32/34 F. Yes, they’re gigantic. Here are some of the reasons you should appreciate your boobs if they’re little!

Underwear is so much sexier on you

You can wear non padded, lacy bras and your boobs will remain in the chest area! As for us with big breasts, they hang pretty low…They’re heavy alright!


We get backache all the time, not just when we’re on our ladies’ days! So when you’re complaining about your sore back, remember ours is probably worse!

Fitted shirts actually fit you

We get a rather suggestive hole appearing over our boobs because the buttons/poppers are under A LOT of pressure!

Men forget where our eyes are

We just want to shout ”my eyes are up here thank you!” This is also a problem when dating, because guys pretend they’re interested in you, but they’re not. They just like looking at your boobs!

Running down stairs with a bra on is hard, never mind without

If you ever see someone run down stairs holding their breasts, they’re doing it to avoid significant pain. Running down stairs without a bra is like running with two watermelons hanging infront of you with elastic tied round your neck. Yes, it is that bad.

If you forget your sports bra when you head to the gym, it’s no biggie

For us however, it’s a wasted journey, and we take a slow and deflated walk home.

You can wear strapless dresses and tops

A beautiful and graceful backless dress? Good for you. Open front bodysuits? Good for you. But if we even attempt that, one wrong move could land us in a very embarrassing situation. We also get a slight overspill of boob that just makes us look overweight!

Sleeping without a bra is a difficult one for us

We loooooove taking off our bra at the end of a long day, but trying to sleep without one results in our boobs doing a disappearing act… to the armpits. This is not only very uncomfortable, but is very unsexy!

Finally, bras are so much cheaper for you!

Having to enter the DD+ range instantly adds at least £5 to the cost of your bra. This means we get less bras and they’re not even that nice. It just isn’t worth it!

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