It’s nearly time to welcome in the new year and you know what that means! It’s also nearly time to welcome in all the new years resolutions that seem appealing at the start of January when you look at your food baby, but then again, so does all of those left over Christmas chocolates.

The other problem is that gym subscriptions seem to cost an awful lot, and beds are just so comfy. But there are many other ways to exercise and keep fit without actually going to the gym.

Leave The House? No Thanks. It’s incredibly easy to work out at home. All you need to do is create a short circuit for yourself including exercises such as squats, sit-ups and star jumps, etc. Do each for 30 seconds, have a rest, then move on to the next.

It’s really important to rest and drink plenty of water throughout your workout in order to prevent overheating or dehydrating. That could be enough to put you off exercise for life!

If it makes you feel good, you can still wear your sports bra and gym pants when working out at home! Also, if you want to strengthen the muscles in your arms and are a fan of dumbbells, to save a bit of money, just buy the one and swap arms. People may mock you if you tell them that you’ve only bought one, but you’ll have the last laugh when you show off your bulging biceps and all that money you saved.

Hula hula

Hula hooping is a great way to tone your tummy and to shed inches of your waist, and more importantly, it’s fun!
The beauty of hula hooping is that you can still catch up on your favourite shows and series whilst exercising. A win-win situation.

On your bike

cycling is a wonderful way to keep fit and like hula hooping, it’s great fun. As you ride you can always play Bicycle Race and imagine that Queen are playing your very own personal theme tune.

Instead of jumping in the car or on the bus, jump on a bike for a much more rewarding experience. It may require more effort, but it’s usually quicker and you’ll feel much happier after.

Similarly, if your destination is within walking distance, walk it. Walking is a great way to tone your bum and leg muscles.

Just keep swimming

One of the most affordable ways to exercise is to go swimming and once again, it’s extremely enjoyable.
Most local pools only charge a couple of pounds for entry and you can swim as much or as little as you like.
Just check the pool opening times so you don’t find yourself turning up to a water aerobics class for the elderly. That could be awkward, I mean, not that I’m speaking out of experience or anything…

These are just a few of the ways you can get fit and healthy, all whilst avoiding the stress and cost of going to the gym.

Oh and if you decide it’s not the gym that’s the problem, but the exercise, that’s okay! Grab yourself some chocolates, put your feet up and continue watching your favourite TV series on Netflix. You can always try again next year…

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