We’ve all heard the saying “it takes 21 days to make a habit”. The worst bit about that is the real optimism we feel setting our alarm for bedroom floor yoga at 7am, and trips after work to buy fruits we can’t really pronounce.

But somewhere along the way, we lose that drive that takes us past 21 days. What happened to the driven and motivated human being I almost convinced myself I was? All very real questions I’ve asked myself whilst debating if I have arm muscle in the mirror.

Here’s the general run-down of my experience with gyms that you may also recognise:

Day 1

Yep. I’m doing it. I’m standing in TK Maxx looking at reduced work out gear and I did just buy those new trainers – so I’m almost a professional and will definitely have no trouble lifting weights. Do I need a blender?

Day 2

Bought a blender, and joined the gym! Not sure if kale is going to taste like lettuce but I know I’ve got some, and found a super cute pinterest board of recipes. And then spent three hours planning my dream wedding, accidentally…

Day 3

Gym day – I am going! Rain or shine! Every morning and night! And I’m going to follow lots of inspiring Instagram pages and do squats until my butt has tripled in size! It’s not even that scary here.. and the staff seem nice… this is where I’m meant to be.

Day 4

May have gotten carried away in the gym… I can’t move one leg in front of the other without considerable pain. But it’s a good pain, apparently, so I’m told. But today’s obviously got to be a rest day.

Day 5

Back to the gym! Such a nice sunny day, I’m so motivated! Not sure on the kale… but I’ve bought a 14 day trial of detox teas instead so that’s the same right?

Day 6

It’s raining so I’ll just do sit ups at home. Come to think of it, I don’t really know how to do those without my feet deciding to also lift off the ground… but I think I have a skipping rope from when I was 7 that I could put to use #recycle.

Day 7

Went to the gym – those locker combinations are getting irritating. Also forgot to have my tea and really needed sugary food just so I didn’t faint – got to maintain my health!

Day 8

The gym is quite far away… and I’m not sure running machines are all that useful I mean I’m sure I could do that outside – immersed in nature! Yes! That will be even better! All my fruit’s gone mouldy though, and I really don’t fancy spending any more money…

Day 21

That did not go to plan… but it’s October so I’ll incorporate going back to the gym in to my New Year’s resolutions!

Actually it’s quite expensive really if I won’t be using it… I’ll cancel it for now but it’s only temporary I’m sure, I’ll just unfollow those Instagram pages whilst I’m at it – very unrealistic really.


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