It’s well-known that at uni most students drink far too much alcohol, stay up too late, mingle with loads of people and consume endless amounts of junk food. As great as this is, unfortunately, this lethal combination can lead to you getting the Uni Flu (particularly in the winter time!)

Sore head? Can’t stop coughing? Shivering one minute and burning up the next? Yep, sounds like you’ve got a
bout of uni flu. Now you’ve been diagnosed, we thought we’d put together some useful tips in order to help you feel yourself again. After all, once you feel better you can start to embrace the endless benefits uni life has to

Follow these tips and you’ll be right as rain in no time!

Keep Hydrated

Alcohol doesn’t count this time. Drink lots of water and your body will be able to  flush out those nasty toxins a
lot quicker.

Go to sleep

Get in your comfy, old, tattered pyjamas, snuggle up in bed and shut those eyes. Your body needs to rest.

Think fruit and veg

You may think they’re boring and not quite as appetising as that pizza you had the night before, but your body is
craving some vitamins and minerals, and fruit and veg act as the perfect supply! However, if the healthy eating
route really isn’t for you, try some vitamin supplements instead.

Keep it clean

With so many people being brought together at once, germs are rife. Make sure you keep your hands and
your belongings clean. Taking a shower can also help to relieve those nasty  flu symptoms.

Au naturel

Although over the counter medicines will help, you may want to try some more natural remedies. Try meditating
to de-stress and relax your mind and body.

We hope our advice helps! Ultimately, remember that even though it may take a couple of weeks, eventually
your symptoms will subside and you’ll be able to enjoy feeling normal again.

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