Once you’ve settled into student life, it’s easy to let yourself fall into some bad habits. From staying up to the crack of dawn to spending the last bit of your loan on alcohol, the amount soon becomes as long as your Amazon wish list.

Staying up until the early hours of the morning

It starts with stretching your bedtime past midnight, consoling yourself with one more episode on Netflix, but before you know it, it’s getting light outside and it’s actually quiet in your accommodation. If you start to not see any daylight, you know you’ve gone too far.

Merging your meals

Brunch counts as two meals, right? There’s never enough time for breakfast and lunch, so you often mash the two together and add a quick dash of tea before lectures.

Giving yourself a 3 hour break ten minutes into your assignment

It’s ten minutes in and two paragraphs later when you’re ready for a break. It’s probably time to give yourself a rest so you go take a well-deserved nap.

Falling asleep in your 9am lecture every week

Is it at 9am for a reason? The lecture might be interesting but you still can’t help but doze off for a few minutes halfway through. Better bring the sunglasses next time.

Spending the last of your cash on alcohol

Well, you had to spend it eventually, so it might as well be something you’ll enjoy. Besides, there’s enough milk and bread to last for the rest of the week.

Leaving University assignments until the very last minute

You had the best intentions when you were handed the brief, but somehow it still ended up under a pile of books until the hand in week. Oops.

Eating at restaurants more than you can reasonably afford to

When there are so many different cuisines in the city, it’s hard to stay away from the temptation of eating out. Student discount definitely makes it affordable.

Only applying for the very best part time jobs

Searching for a job becomes tedious after a couple of weeks. The same ones come and go but you’re still there filling in a three-page application. You consider lowering your standards but then think. Retail assistant? Sounds classy. McDonalds crew member, not so much.

Only eating the food you’re in the mood for

You probably should eat your five a day but you’re only in the mood for beans on toast. An apple in the morning should even out your diet.

Going clubbing more often than University

Clubbing is one of the highlights of your social life, but when you start to see the club DJ more than your lecturer, you know you need to re-think your life choices.

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