University is a time of realising who you are, receiving independence from your parents and generally just doing some growing up. Have you had times when you say something and think, oh no, I’m turning into my Mum/Dad? Not to scare you or anything, but here are more signs to let you know that you are getting older…

1.) You actually call your parents to see how they are, not to ask for money! This shows that you have grown up and want to forge a good relationship with them.

2.) You now understand what your parents meant when they said “You’ll understand when you’re older”.

3.) You get unnaturally excited about boring purchases and start asking for appliances as birthday/Christmas gifts. Fresh, new, pots and pans, YAY!

4.) No longer do you make excuses when you want to stay in. If you don’t feel like going out, you admit it. You’ve come to realise that you can have as much fun with a glass of wine in front of the TV, as you can with a glass of wine in the pub.

5.) When you meet someone you really like, you don’t try and test your compatibility with star signs. You also don’t base your whole week on your star sign’s ability to see into the future. These things are completely made up and don’t prove anything. Why did your 14 year old self decide to live religiously by them?

6.) Anyone younger than you, whatever their age, is referred to as a twelve year old. You also nd that anyone younger than you has terrible fashion sense and you just don’t understand it. You also begin to sound like your mother when you say, “Aren’t they cold wearing that?”

7.) Your ability to recover from a hangover takes noticeably longer than it used to. Now you have to reserve a whole weekend for recovery, whereas before it would only be the morning.

8.) Drunk texting someone is not something that particularly worries you anymore. Who really cares anyway? It’s not that embarrassing, when you think about it. They will either reply, finding it pretty funny, or not reply at all.

9.) There are so many celebrities that are actually younger than you, earning A LOT more money than you, and it’s really wrong to be fancying them.

10.) Not having your parents around means that you have to catch creepy crawlies yourself. When you fail to catch them, you are forever nervous about when they will rear their ugly heads again. Maybe you haven’t grown up too much, hey?!

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