You smile whenever you hear their name.

You would make a four hour round trip just to see them for thirty seconds.

You can be with each other for hours without saying a word and have a perfect day.

You can spend hours talking without any breaks.

When you hug no-one in the room matters.

You don’t mind watching their TV shows because you get to see them smile.

Their little habits are the things you love most about them.

You can tell them your biggest secret and they won’t tell anyone, they’ll just tell you a bigger one.

They can order your food for you.

When you wake up next to them you use your snooze button just to spend extra time with them.

You can pick up conversations from three days ago as if it were only a second ago.

When they leave all you can think about is how much you’ll miss them until you see them again.

They know just what to do to make you smile.

You know each other’s hangover remedies.

They support your diet and won’t judge when you have one too many cheat days.

You feel comfortable around them no matter what state of undress you’re in.

You don’t mind being a massive dork in front of them.

You can cry in front of them because they’ll always make you smile by the end of it.

They can make you laugh with the slightest movement or one word.

They always support you even if they know they shouldn’t.

When you receive a long text you aren’t worried you’re excited to see what they have to say.

You can talk about your future together without it being scary or awkward.

When you make a decision your first thought is them.

You know exactly how they like their tea.

Whenever you get lonely you know they’re a phone call away.

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