Whoa you’re old!

Yet I can still tear up the dancefloor and pull better than you. *Drop the mic*

Tell me that when you’re 24.

What have you been doing with your life?

Err… living it!

Traveling and working the dreaded 9 – 5 career I thought I wanted and that you’re actually looking forward to. If only you knew. *Smh*

Why did you not go to university before?

Because I thought life would be kind and throw me everything I ever wanted for free.

Just because we didn’t follow the usual drilled path of school, college then university, doesn’t mean we don’t know what we’re doing. Usually, the opposite. I saved to come to university and I’m more focused than my 18 year old self.

Isn’t it annoying being around younger people?

Well yeah, when you say all the things above. But usually no. It’s actually quite comical and we are from the same generation. Plus the fact that you thought we were the same age shows I can still get down with the kids. No? Erm…alright. *Sigh*

 You can tell you’re older, you actually go to lectures and seminars.

Ya damn right I do.

I’m paying the price for one year of university that my friends paid for all three. Nine grand isn’t anything to mess around with. In fact, if I could, I’d go to more lectures. I might just start turning up to random lectures to get my monies worth. That’s actually not a bad idea!

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