It’s January, the time of year where people are desperately trying to stick to those New Years resolutions that they mistakenly made when drinking everything in sight on New Years eve.

By the end of January, all of these hopes and dreams for “self-improvement” lay shattered on the floor as you sob whilst eating another chocolate bar.

Through your despair you may wonder “Am I alone in this shame?”, but rest alone dear chocolate fan, you are only one of many who find themselves saying those damning sentences.

“Just One More”

A very dangerous sentence. Whether it’s “just one more” sweet, or “just one more” drink, we all know there is no such thing as “just one more”. We simply say it to make us feel as though we at least have control, if no dignity.

“It Was A Long Day”

A long, hard day should motivate us and make us feel good when we overcome our own desires. In reality, it has become the perfect excuse for everything.

Gym? No, I’m too tired, it was a long day.
Sweets? I shouldn’t, but I earned it after a long day.
Alcohol? I need it to unwind after a long day.

The list goes on and on…

“I’ll start again tomorrow”

The thing we all say to make ourselves feel better when we give up on another day of determination and strong will. But what, in the words of Ronan Keating, “If Tomorrow Never Comes?” Be honest, how happy would you be, it’s a pretty valid reason to give up.

“The diet starts Monday”

One of the most common lies ever told.

“I was drunk”

When you desperately need to backtrack and find a way out of your stupidity, just blame your drunk alter-ego. Nobody can blame drunk you – right?

“It was never going to last anyway”

When all else fails just admit defeat and remember there is always next year to start again. Does this sound negative? Who cares?! You still have 3 selection boxes to take your mind of it.

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