The 90’s were a simpler time. No hours waiting in line to get your iPhone replaced. No updating software on your computer for no apparent reason. No incessant cold calls, insisting you need faster broadband or attempting to negotiate PPI’s at 11 o’clock at night. The 1990s were a simpler time, but were they a better time? Let me refresh your memory. 

‘Cutting Edge technology’

The times of the VHS tape was one of utter frustration. Rewinding tapes was annoying enough, let alone when they got mangled in the VCR.

Remember the excitement when you got to pick out the video that you rented from Blockbuster for the weekend?

Or when you had a car journey with your portable stereo and all the tapes and cds that went with it. Just don’t forget the extra AA batteries…

TV shows

90’s meant watching what was on the tv, or rewinding videos of Free Willy or Mrs Doubtfire for the 24th time.

You would have to plan your schedule, schooling and social life around the tv guide so you could catch Byker Grove and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Furby & Tamagotchi, trying furiously for hours to get your tamagotchis to connect and your furby to sing twinkle twinkle in english rather than ‘furbish’.

Pokemon and POGS, own up… who still has them? I know you don’t have the heart to throw way that shiny charizard, it’s okay, I understand.  

You remember the dial up tone? Praise the lord for WiFi.


School days for girls meant trading butterfly hair clips to hold your crimped hair in place and string friendship bracelets which would end up welded to your wrist. Whereas for boys it led to Beyblade battles and listening to endless gloating from the boy in the class above you that just got the N-64!

Sneaky conversations with your friend at the bin whilst you sharpened your pencil for the twelfth time that lesson.

Being given the honour, privilege and responsibility of being in charge of the overhead projector during morning assembly.

And popularity was being that person that could make the best paper aeroplanes and the most detailed fortune tellers.

In my eyes the highlights of the 1990s were getting a new blow up armchair for your room. Matching footstool too, naturally…

And feeling like royalty when your mum told you that you had a phone call.

The low points… were there any? Loosing your favourite gel pen? Like I said, it was a simpler time. 

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