Christmas is a time of giving, receiving and gratitude, but it’s hard to be happy with a gift that, well… you don’t really like. Every Christmas, depending on your gift, you come up with a mix of reactions.

Here’s a list of 5 classic reactions that let’s face it, we all pull when we don’t like a present.

The Freeze

With everyone watching you rip the Christmas wrapping off your present, you find out that your granddad got you a lynx deodorant gift set. The first thought that enters your mind is that is he hinting at something I am unaware of, or is this a joke? You then try to thank him but you’re just so disappointed that you just sit in silence with a confused look on your face. Can we say awkward?

Who’s next?

Your lazy brother gets you the one gift you did not want. A bath set. So with one look you put the gift down, thank him and move on to the next person.

Fake happy

Being fake happy is by far the most common reaction we’ve all used but it’s still a classic, especially when your grandma got you an old fashioned jumper that two sizes too small and with all the food you’ve eaten over the holiday period it’s definitely not going to fit, so you pull off the typical reaction: ‘Oh I love it!’ then you hug, smile and try it on.


You’ve been given a copy of One Directions latest album ‘Made in the A.M’, so what more can a student in their final year at uni do, but break down and cry, at least your whole family mistake your tears of despair of complete and utter joy.

Just being honest

You’re not happy with the cheap perfume or candle set, so you decide to just come out with the truth and say ‘they’re nice but just not what I wanted’ and end with ‘but it’s the thought that counts’.

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