“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” – John Dryden

New Years Eve has come and gone, and we loved it! The parties, getting glammed up, or sitting at home with some bubbly, the big kiss at midnight – there is definite benefits. However, it’s those resolutions that linger on past that mighty second day hangover – and they can feel just as bad.

So one way to combat this is making little resolutions any day of the year – here are five simple ideas:

The Great Outdoors

For those of us who love our Netflix subscriptions we know how quickly hours can fly by, before you know it the winter sun is gone and we don’t really want to venture outside. But how easy is it to take a five minute walk? Fresh air can do wonders for clearing our minds.

Read A Motivational Book

This can also be done easily through audio, and may be more convenient – encouragement can help us get going each day, and make us see more potential.

Stop the gossip

 Try one day gossip-free. It can be hard – especially when we get together with friends, but holding off on speaking behind the backs of anyone can be a great change for us, and no more arguments? Yes please!

Tell someone you love them

Say the three words we forget to say sometimes, whether it’s to friends, family, or your least annoying house mate – let the people in your life know that they’re special to you. Hugs optional (too much emotion for one day).

Read the news

 We get caught up in social media news, but what about what’s going on outside of our towns? broaden your search for a couple minutes per day and this way you’re connected, it’s a sure way to feel up to speed throughout the year.

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