Ok, so SPG have asked me to write an article about how to pull a guy. That’s easy! I am totally successful with men and I’m totally not writing this alone, in my dressing gown, while eating a giant tub of Ben and Jerry’s. I promise.

So without further ado, SPG proudly presents our top tips on pulling a guy!

Most men are afraid of women

I know! It sounds crazy! Try to look approachable. Find out what he likes and assume that form.

GET THE LOOK: If he’s into rugby, wear a rugby shirt. If he’s more of a rocker, a leather jacket. If he’s a geek, get a large cardboard box and pretend to be a PS4 to lure him into a false sense of security.

Men like meat

For some reason, men are always banging on about how many chicken wings they can eat, the hottest
curry they can handle etc. Turn this to your advantage by tapping into that primal, hunter-gatherer part of
his brain.

GET THE LOOK: Lady Gaga  first rocked this look with the infamous Meat Dress a few years ago. But
prime steak is quite expensive, so I would probably go for maybe a top of stitched together burger patties
and a mini-skirt made from Turkey Twizzlers. Avoid being near hungry dogs when you go for this look. Trust
me on this one.

Men like sport

Honestly! Sports! Pfft! I can take it or leave it (preferably leave it), but ladies, if you’re good at sport, then
you’re in!

GET THE LOOK: You know what sport men love? Darts. Men are crazy for darts. Buy a polo neck, start smoking
roll-ups and gain eight stone. Top this off with a pint of bitter for an authentic darts player look, which
will have the boys eating out of your hand!

Men go for women like their mother

Ask a psychology student. It’s a Freudian thing.

GET THE LOOK: First of all, you will need to tidy up his room, make his tea for him, nag him about when
he’s going to get a job, ask when is he going to settle down and get a nice girlfriend (at this point, wink
obviously at him).

Men don’t know how to deal with emotions

Therefore, it is obvious that the sexiest thing in the world would be something without
emotions. A 60’s Dr Who style robot.

GET THE LOOK: Get a big cardboard box, cover it in tinfoil, and glue some old circuit boards in the front for the
body. Stick a saucepan on your head to complete the look. Get your coat love, you’ve pulled!

But seriously…

We’ve had a bit of a tongue in cheek laugh with this article. But men aren’t any weirder than you or I. If you like
someone, go and have a chat with them and meet up for a cup of coffee on campus. You don’t need to change who
you are or fake an interest in something stupid to impress someone. And if you find that you do, then they probably aren’t worth knowing anyway.

Stay cool and rock on!

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