Frying pans. Going shopping for new kitchen utensils is er… slightly boring to say the least. Who wants to be worrying about what you could be cooking something in, when all you really want to do is be busy scoffing your face.

However, don’t write this article off too quickly, this frying pan is an exception, we promise. If Tom Daley’s posted about it on his Instagram, you know it’s worth talking about and it’s even got like… 50,000 likes (that was the last time we checked).

This little gem is far more than just a frying pan (well, it is  just a frying pan, but a really really good one).

You know those dreadful hangovers you get after the best night out with your uni pals? The sort that you have to have a big greasy breakfast the next day in order to get over? Then you need this frying pan in your life.

Long gone are the days when you had to cook the ingredients of your fry up separately. This genius pan has 5 different sections so you can cook your bacon, sausages, baked beans and eggs all in one. (Apologies if we made you drool when listing all of those).

This awesome new gadget is known as, ‘The Master Pan’ and is available to buy from Lakeland for £59.99. Yes, it’s fairly pricey, but surely nothings to expensive when it comes to a nice juicy Sunday fry up? (Or daily fry up in my case).

If that price didn’t quite tickle your taste buds, then I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do. After a bit of D.I.Y. Googling (I typed in, ‘pan with multiple sections’) I couldn’t find an alternative for much cheaper. If you do however, please let me know. Perhaps we can put this beauty on our birthday lists? Who am I kidding… I’ll just go and buy one anyway.

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