If you are anything like myself and most other students, I can only assume that freshers week was the largest incentive for you to apply for university. If this is the case, then it may also be safe to assume that upon learning that there would be a re-freshers in January, your prospects at being a functioning member of society for the first month of term may have also gone out the window.

However, I would like to advise caution before you act. If I remember freshers correctly, which I don’t, perhaps alcohol induced amnesia isn’t the best solution for your new year’s blues…. At least not without sufficient preparation. Fortunately, I have compiled a list of tips which should help you party hard, and recover quickly and ensure that you still have at least some funds left in your account to tide you over until the government bails you out again with your next loan.

Pre-drinks at someone else’s

Getting drunk before you go out to get drunk is always a sensible move, but it can be costly. This is why I would advise pre-drinking at someone else’s whenever possible. It doesn’t matter whether or not you know the person, the free alcohol should remedy any personal differences, and you won’t have to clean up the mess the next day, so it’s like a double win.

Eat to excess

If you want to avoid a hangover and you want to make it to your lectures the following day, eat like your degree depends on it, because it likely will. I know cooking is a significant effort, but lining your stomach with lots of goopy carbs can make all the difference.

Get the bus

I know what a struggle it is to get the bus back home in the cold night air, but the taxis are not your wallet’s friend, and the drivers don’t want to haggle. Just get the bus, it’s really not that hard, and no one will have to lie on the floor to avoid paying.


Give your phone number, your email, fill in a questionnaire, promise your first born, whatever you have to do. If it will get you something for free it’s worth the constant spam emails.

Have fun

I often find that the psychological damage you cause in freshers is far worse than the financial damage so just remember to relax and don’t beat yourself up over the girl you spilled your drink on, or the embarrassing rendition of ‘Let it Go’ you did on snapchat. The reason we keep getting told that these are the best years of our lives is because they are. So party hard, go to your lectures but most of all, enjoy yourself.

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