There’s nothing worse than finishing a full week of studying only to have to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday for a whole weekend of work. If anything, working weekends prohibits you from going out with your pals on Friday night for a well deserved drink, (or doesn’t for some, not me I promise).

And if like me, you work in retail then you will probably be banging your head against a wall come Sunday evening. Take a look at the list below of the most annoying occurrences retail staff have to put up with on a daily basis.

The “I’ll just ask to save me from looking” customers

This is all very well and may save YOU some time searching around the store, but as you may be able to see I am already particularly busy with something here. Customers are more than capable of finding items by themselves, so please don’t disturb me unless it’s more than an 8 on the scale of do you think I will care.

Talking loudly around you about how much cheaper a different shop is

Well, I mean, you could always go to said other shop… I am not going to stop you because believe it or not, I don’t care all that much if you shop here or elsewhere.

“This is damaged, can you take some money off?”

No. Buy it full price or maybe just pick up that one next to it on the shelf that seems to be in perfect condition. Oh, you didn’t see that one?


This one is self-explanatory. NEXT PLEASE.

The ‘give as little information about a product as possible’ customers

You will not believe how many times someone has been looking for a book and has just said something like “I’m looking for a book, it’s by a woman”… OH, WAIT. I know that one. You then spend 20 minutes looking for a needle in a haystack instead of doing work that actually needs doing. Please come and ask when you have a little more information on the thing you’re apparently such a big fan of.

People who don’t know how shops work

It’s baffling when you find out how many people don’t understand the basics of retail. No, we don’t keep every single product on the shop floor. Yes, you will have to wait while someone runs to the stockroom for you. No, we are not wasting your time. Also, and this is a big one; the staff do not set prices for anything in the shop, so please think a little before you allow yourself to explode in anger at the price of something when we have no say in it at all.

These are just a few of daily annoyances I face while working.

If you can think of any more, comment below and let us retail workers unite in having a much needed rant about customers.

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