Moving from the comfort of your home to a more exciting, but stressful environment at university, is a new and overwhelming experience for everyone. And some of these may be true to many students. But those who live the village life, know how different life can be from one place to the other.

Going back home for holidays and coming back to uni is a whole new experience every time

You go to university. Oh my god, people, a city. It’s overwhelming. You get used to it. You come back home. Now the village life, among the silence and the surrounding green and the horses crossing the road seems new and exciting. And then, in the three weeks of holidays, you get used to that and you have to go back to the loud and varied environment of student life again. It’s like you’re leading double lives and starting each one over and over again.

Why is everything so far away?

You’ll be lucky to live near the only corner shop in the village, if not, you have to have a car. I’d have to walk about 15 minutes, and  it’s too cold to walk and you’ll have to call your mum about every little thing you want. You’re also relying on your parents to give you lifts to town, or to your friends who might live six or seven miles away. You’ve become an expert at planning ahead. Like, you’ve planned before the holiday started.

Who loves animals, and fresh air, and farms… ? You do!

You love being back for a while. And if you can bring yourself to do it, the walk to the corner shop which is not around the corner, can be really nice. Apart from horses, you might see goats, and cows, and sheep in farms. The air feels different have you noticed? Yes, because it indeed is slightly less polluted, has more plants and the quiet can be a nice time out to recharge before you go back to the exciting, but stressful uni life. Oh and not to mention the smell of grass and earth at night, and the stars that you can see so clearly… Ok I’ll stop being a hippie now!

You know the true meaning of boredom

Fresh air and pretty farms are all right, for a couple of days. But soon you fall into routine and the world seems so far away from your reach, and your plans start falling apart and you barely do anything at all. You start worrying you might be a sad person with no life. That’s not true. Your life is simply, somewhere else…

You really, really, can’t wait to be back at uni

You miss your friends, the ones that, you can see everyday, and the ones you actually live with. The fact that, you can go to McDonalds at 1am wearing a bright onesie, because there’s many people and everybody’s drunk so no one will care (or is that just me?). You miss the corner shop actually being around the corner. And not having to take the train everywhere. You miss the noise, and being able to sleep until the afternoon because you probably didn’t manage to go to bed until the early hours of the morning. You miss not needing mum and dad for everything like you’re still a child. Your friends who live in other cities or towns, do not experience this as much as you do, they’re a lot more active, and it makes you so jealous.

But you also miss home…

When you’re back at uni, you start missing home, and the fields and even needing your parents. Because that makes you feel so warm and protected, even though, you probably wouldn’t want it for more than a day or two.

 You just can’t win in this situation!
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