Now and then a new internet craze pops up and takes the world by storm. Here are a few strange but fun challenges you can try doing with your friends at home!

The Bean Boozled Challenge

This involves the Jellybean Bean Boozled packs and you basically have a taste of each flavour. However, these are not ordinary flavoured jelly beans, well some of them are but not all of them! You have jelly beans in all different colours but each colour has a possibility of two flavours, something nice and something not-so nice. So you could be eating a chocolate pudding flavoured one or canned dog food… it’s accurately disgusting, just a heads up!

Baby Food Challenge

Go shopping at the supermarket with your friend and grab a bunch of different baby foods with different flavours. You then have to feed them to the other person (without them seeing what flavour it is, so maybe try blindfolding them) and they have to guess the flavour. You can really go all out in terms of what flavour you pick for your friend to have. From what I have seen, garlic and fish flavoured ones are not amongst the favourite ones.

Chubby Bunny

If you love marshmallows, this one is for you. You have a competition with a friend to see how many marshmallows you can fit in your mouth. After each of you place a marshmallow in your mouth you have to say the words ‘chubby bunny’ without the marshmallows falling out. Warning: this gets messy, so be sure to have tissues on hand!

The Emoji Challenge

For this one you basically have to act out emoji’s to your partner and they have to guess which one you are. You can make it easier by printing pictures of emojis out, going into teams and having one person pick from a hat (or just use your phone!). They try score points for your team by guessing the emoji correctly. This gets pretty hilarious, especially great for parties!

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