Hi guys! For those of us who don’t know you, could you tell us briefly who you are and why we should check you out?
We are two personalities with a single goal: to entertain as many people as possible with our deep and funky house sound. Put us in a DJ booth together and instant interaction and chemistry is there. And don’t forget the sexiness!

So, you’re due to play a set at London’s Ministry of Sound on Friday 19th February. Are you excited?
Of course we are! It’s one of London most famous clubs! We’re honoured to share the stage with so many of the world’s greatest DJ’s.

Is this the first big show you’ve done?
No, not really! We’ve done some shows even bigger, but it’s doesn’t mean we’re not excited!Though, it is the first time we are playing a “Sexy By Nature” party in the UK!

What can we expect from the night? Any hints on what your set will be like?
We have no idea what we’re gonna play that night. We always see along the way which record we want to mix. We do know that it’s going to be hot and sweaty and London is gonna scream for more SJRM!

What made the two of you decide to pair up as DJ’s? What’s your story?
We’ve got a long history together. It all started back in Amsterdam where we met in a fashion store. We both worked there. Ryan and I started talking about organizing our own parties, but quickly realized that hiring a DJ was way too expensive… We looked at each other and decided to spin the tables ourselves. One thing led to another and here we are in 2016!

Do you have any big names you look up to? Any inspirations?
Dennis Ferrer and Kerri Chandler, both American DJ’s, are two of our biggest hero’s. They actually stayed with the old school, pure House.

You’ve DJ’d in festivals all over America last year. What’s been your personal favourite?
Phoef… Difficult question, we always had a great time in The States. But the one that stands out was definitely Ultra!

Can you recommend us a song of yours that we should check out right now?
Horny Bounce, Our hottest single!

Now, let’s get more personal: How would you describe yourselves? In one word only, please.
Ryan: “Ambitious”
Sunnery: “Speechless”

Who wears the trousers out of the two of you?
Sunnery: “definitely me.” Ryan: “Says the one who is married!”

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Sunnery: “Never stop following your passion. My mother was always a bit sceptical about my passion for music, but look we’re it took me!”

What would we be surprised to know about you?
We called ourselves RM&SJ in the beginning. We turned it around because of some kind of Dutch Hip-Hop group with the same name!

What’s on your agenda for this coming year, career-wise?
Expanding and developing the “Sexy By Nature” and we’re always working on new material behind the screens! Don’t you worry!

And finally, what’s your favourite pizza topping?
Ryan: “Hawaii”
Sunnery: “Chicken”

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