When I first made the decision to cut my hair short, I had no idea how hard it would be to style. For a while I got stuck in the routine of just keeping it down either straight, curled or natural, which there is nothing wrong with, but it just started to bore me. So after experimenting on what works with short hair, here are a few different styles you can try to switch up your look!

Half Up, Half Down

There are two different ways you can go with this.
Gather your hair into a half up do and pop it into a pony. You can place your pony as high or low as you like depending on the length of your hair and how you like it to look.
You can also put your hair up as if you were putting it into a high half up pony but bun it instead. The top knot look is really in now and it looks really chic. How messy or neat you keep it is up to you but it is a great way of getting your hair out of your face.


Speaking of buns, a bun is another style you can try. The options are endless: high or low, neat or messy, big or small.
You can use the donut rings to add volume into your hair if you want.
Or make one of those yourself by getting a sock (clean, preferably), cutting the toe part off and rolling it to create a donut shape. Putting your pony through the hole and rolling your hair around the donut creates a more secure bun.


With all the different types of braids you can do now (regular, fishtail, four-strand), you can really do anything and it’ll look good!
If you can tie your hair into a single braid or two braids either side, go for it. The two french braid look is everywhere and gives you a laid back vibe.
Want to get your hair out of your face? Braid the front sections of your hair and pin them back.
Or jazz up a boring pony by adding a braid to cover the hairband – this adds something interesting to an up do.
Experiment with different ways to incorporate braids into your style and you’ll see it makes all the different.

Sweeping Side Part

If you do want to keep your hair down, here is one for you.
Style your hair in waves, whether that is with a curler or straightener, and part your hair in a deep side part. This gives an edgy look and also might switch it up from a usual middle part look. It’s also great when it is windy because since your hair is styled messily, it requires little touching up to get it back to normal.

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