Spring fashions are possibly the most colourful and exciting of the year, and S/S 16 was no disappointment on the runway.

Now that we’ve seen all the collections, it’s time to summarise Spring 2016 in five simple words.


If you thought we were done with the 70’s, you would be sadly mistaken. Jackets, mini skirts, it’s all going suede. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain. If you’re not convinced, start with a suede boot and work your way up.


Cut off shoulder tops and dresses are a great way to look feminine and professional at the same time, just take a look at Vanity Fair’s Oscar issue. Shoulders everywhere! You can’t go wrong.


A crisp white shirt has always been a style staple, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Tucked, un-tucked, off the shoulder, the white shirt is easy to mix and match with most of your wardrobe.


Victorian sleeves are right on trend for Spring 2016. Ruffles and flowers go hand in hand with this style tip. A tricky style to master as it doesn’t really match the skinny jean (gasp), but can create a really fashionable outfit if done right.


Think the dancing red lady emoji. Bold red hues, flamenco-esque dresses, and roses in the hair. Not so practical for the dance floor, but incorporating some Spanish into your outfit will put you one step ahead of the trend.

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