Men’s beanies have become a sort of taboo topic; controversial lets say. A split opinion for pro-beanies and anti-beanies has left men wondering. But with today’s modern day hipsters, the beanie seems to be back with a vengeance. Guys today’s either have beards, tats, chord shirts or beanies. Well I know I’m guilty. So if your unsure about whether the beanie is right for you, here are a few reasonably priced testers to get you on this rampaging bandwagon.

Now, fishing doesn’t immediately come to your head when you think of beanies but if you’re looking for that classic look, the fisherman beanie is the one for you. Don’t worry, it won’t come smelling of mint and a free friend. You’ll just receive that signature style and envy from your friends. If your mates are looking at you funny, it’s envy, not because you smell of fish. A soft touch, knitted fisherman’s beanie from ASOS for just £8 will have you well on your way back to solid ground.

We move from that classic look to what I believe to be the king of the modern day beanie, Carhatt. The US brand has jumped the water over to Europe, providing us with some of the most simple, but popular beanies. A slightly more expensive option at £20, but in return you grab yourself a notorious beanie with a distinguished brand attached.

And now to answer the question we all want to know, can I get any discounts? This next hat from Urban Outfitters comes with a tasty 10% student discount. Vintage wash out colours are beginning to stand up to the colour spectrum of today’s mainstream fashion, and boy they’re making some noise. Urban’s ribbed watchmen beanie at £16, excluding student discount, will keep those ears toasty in winter and summer if you really want. In a variety of earthy colours, Urban’s beanies gives you that more unique look that everyone will soon want.

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