It’s that time of year again. It’s term time, its cold and it’s dark. Everyone is back to uni and back to work and deadlines are rolling in thick and fast. Some of us run at it head-on – “2016 is the year for me!” – but most of us would rather curl up into bed for an eternity.

Typing up these words now, I am shivering to my core – despite the four layers and the hat I wear. I take a look around my room and see hot water bottles in abundance. There’s washing that’s been hung up to dry for roughly a week, but it’s still cold and damp. I can see my electric blanket (I promise I’m not 60) lining my lovely bed. The temptation to fling myself in there and never come back out is very, very real.

As a shining beacon to you freezing students who, like me, dream of vitamin D and hot tingles of sunshine on your skin: here’s, a list of five ways to make your flat (well, one room) warmer, whilst helping you do adulthood and 2016 better. Let’s be productive as we get cosy.


Yes that’s right, iron your clothes. Folding garments and meticulously placing them into your drawer may work in getting rid of those pesky creases, but are you warm? No. So, take that strange plastic/metal machine out from under your bed and get ironing! The steam from the appliance instantly warms you and the movement of the process keeps your muscles active, which also generates heat. For this purpose, it is best to use a steam generator iron that will warm you instantly.


I know. It seems obvious, but it works. The warmest room in our flat is always the kitchen. Go out, read a bit of Nigella Lawson’s latest cookery book and buy lots of herbs or spices you never knew existed and GET COOKING! No matter how the meal turns out, at least you’re warm and full of food. Your mother would be proud.


This is getting obvious now isn’t it? Too much like hard work. Its true though, cleaning will keep your flat looking lovely and all that movement will keep you warm. What’s that phrase? Declutter your home, declutter your life? I don’t know, I think I made that up. It works though, trust me.


It keeps getting worse. I hate to do this to you, but exercising is the perfect way of keeping yourself warm, whilst also keeping yourself healthy. The healthier you are, the warmer you’ll feel and the better life will get. The best part about all this though, is getting home, feeling and looking like a shadow of your former self, then jumping in the shower. WOAH! There’s nothing quite like a roasting hot shower to warm you up, is there?


Now, this is the best one. This is my fancy way of saying, get your friends round and drink LOADS of wine. Every sip will bring a rush of warmth that goes straight to your heart. You’ll be so distracted by how wonderful your friends are and by how simply divine this wine tastes!! that you’ll forget you’ve ever had icicles hanging from your nose.

If you keep to these 5 simple rules, then 2016 will be the warmest, most organised year you’ve ever had. Welcome to adulthood (almost).

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