Living in close proximity to people means you can learn all about them and what makes them tick, and after they’ve stolen the last of your milk one too many times you may want some revenge.

Here’s some fun pranks you can pull that will ensure they respect or perhaps slightly fear you.

Minty Fresh (Well Sort of)

This one’s a classic. You share bathrooms, you may even accidentally share toothbrushes. But after this, you definitely won’t want to share toothpaste. Here’s a guide:
1. Squeeze out their remaining toothpaste
2. Unscrew the lid
3. Fill the tube with mayonnaise/salad cream

And wait. They will definitely comment on their toothpaste tasting weird, so comment that yours also tastes weird and that you think it’s just where the sun’s been on it (somehow, this works). Then just sit back and enjoy their multiple mayo-paste usage.

The Potential Pregnancy

An oldie but a goodie, and a simple way to freak out particularly your male housemates. Best to do this after freshers week when memories are slightly blurred for the members of the house.
1. Start dropping hints
2. Take someone (in on the joke) to one side and deliver the news of your concerns
3. Entrust responsibility to buy a test on to your chosen victim
4. Leave them hanging!

Once you’ve ‘done the test’ you could even disappear in to your room for an hour, the silence is effective. Or if you’re a good fake crier, there’s another option. Obviously best to eventually tell the truth, but it might be worth seeing if they’ll do your washing up first.

The Fire Alarm

  1. Wait until the middle of the night
    2. Bang on the door (multiple times)
    3. Claim you ‘came back for them’ in the fire drill
    4. Rush them outside! No time to sort out those embarrassing pyjamas!

This always works, no one questions what they may have missed in their deep slumber. But be prepared for a grumpy housemate until enough time’s passed that they might (possibly) think it was funny.

Tin Foil Everything

Yep. You’ll have seen this. It works with anything (cling film, wrapping paper).
One fateful day, they’ll leave their door unlocked, by then hopefully you’ll know their schedule. You can plan it to the minute they return. All you have to do is wrap everything up that you can see, so you’ll need some tape too! Do it down to the individual pencils on their desk if you have time. It always goes over a hit… to your Facebook friends anyway.

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