When you have chosen the university that you find suits you best, the next step is picking the right accommodation. When choosing your accommodation, you want to pick somewhere which is going to give you the best experience at university. Here are some things that you should consider when picking the right house for you.


You want to make sure that the distance to uni from your house is reasonable. A 5 – 20 minute walk is usually the best because you aren’t too near the university if you want some time away and it’s not too far that you have to pay for transport. Also by having a reasonable distance, you will be less likely to skip your lectures because you know you don’t have to walk far. However, if you can only get housing which is quite a distance away, then buses are usually the best form of transport unless you have a car. There are some great deals out there and this will save you a lot of money.

I would also suggest trying to get a good distance from town. This will make you get out of the house more and go and explore the area you live in without having to walk too far.


The price of your accommodation is probably one of the first things to look out for when choosing your house. I would suggest working out how much you have to spend and then see which price is best for you. The cheaper the price of the house the more money you have to spend on other things such as food and social time. However, don’t just look at the cheapest houses have a variety of prices and then base it on the house that you feel more comfortable in. Also I would see which houses include what in their price. I would suggest going for a house that has everything included such as, heating, water, electric and Wifi, this means you know it is all paid for and you don’t have to worry about paying for extra’s.

Number of bedrooms 

The number of bedrooms in houses can vary. If you want to live with a small group of people then maybe choose a house with 4 or 5 bedrooms or if you don’t mind living with a large group of people go for a house with 8 bedrooms. It all depends on your personal preference.

Area that you live in 

Choosing the right areas is vital when you know you have a spend a long period of time in the area. You need to base the area on your personal liking, depending on whether you want somewhere that is quiet or somewhere where there is a lot of noise, this depends on how you want to live.

En – suite or shared bathroom 

This could be make or break for many people when it comes to choosing the right house for them. If you’re more than happy to share and bathroom with your other house mates then go ahead and choose a property that offers shared facilities. However, if you prefer you’re privacy and want an en-suite then consider a house which offers this option, there’s nothing wrong with a little privacy.

Choose the house that’s right for you, but do make sure to have a couple of options in mind rather than picking the first one you see.

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