It has only just hit me that I am practically half way through my degree. In a year and a half I would have graduated, and would probably be applying for full-time graduate jobs. How do I feel about this? Scared. So very scared.

My university tutors have started to repeat this to us during lectures and seminars and when they do there is a big gasp amongst all of the students in the room. ‘Oh my gosh’, ‘Can you believe it?’, ‘How fast has everything gone?!’ Basically all of those thoughts are spurring around in my head now.

Before I started uni, I was so excited about beginning a new chapter in my life. I was looking forward to freedom and responsibility. Now that I am thinking about possibly moving far away from home permanently, with a full-time job and many more adult commitments, I am starting to panic a little.

The first year and a half went too fast for my liking. Not that I’d like the university semesters to be any longer but I feel like I could have appreciated it more. In first year, you could afford to slack a little because grades don’t count towards your degree and you are getting used to new friends and new environments. When I started second year, I remember thinking: It is time to get your head down, work hard and get that first. It just shows how much priorities change and how quickly it all happens. As soon as things get super serious and important, it is scary.

I am still trying to get my head around the fact that I will be graduating next summer, along with my course mates and we will all be going our separate ways in our new careers. It just shows how you think you are becoming an adult when starting uni but you are actually becoming a real adult when graduating university.

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