It starts with continuously refreshing the webpage of your bank balance. You know it’s going to happen at some point in the next day, but you want to be there when the money clears into your account. Along with a new lease on your debit card, these are the thoughts that accompany your student loan… 

I’m rich!

After spending the previous week savouring your last pennies, seeing all that cash at your disposal can’t help but make you feel a little bit rich. Time to splash out a bit.

I can buy…

All those items you couldn’t afford last month flash through your mind. This money is yours and you’ll buy everything with it!

I could save for that trip this year 

You’ve always wanted to go on that holiday, but never quite saved enough money to be able to. If you set aside some of your student loan, you could actually afford it this time.

I should probably pay my rent

It’s not as though you’re late with your rent, but you should probably pay it now before you forget or accidentally spend it. You do want to pay it, but you also want to see the money in your account for just a little longer.

This time I’m going to be frugal

Every month is the same. You start with the best of intentions and try to be frugal, to save a little here and there, but somehow you still end up knee-deep in your overdraft.

Time for a hefty shopping trip

You were on your last bag of pasta but now you can whip out your shopping bags and write yourself a long list for Tesco. Time to clear some space in the fridge!

When is the next instalment?

Well, you tried your hardest but somehow most of your student loan has gone with the wind. Back to anxiously ticking days off your calendar until the next instalment comes in. 

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