People tend to think that fussy eaters are just picky for the sake of being picky.
However it’s not as simple as that. Here’s a list of things you only understand if you’re one of these “fussy eaters”.

Restaurant Drama:
Picking a restaurant to eat at is always going to be difficult, and it gets worse when the place you love decides to change their menu.
You will often resort to the children’s menu where you can pick something basic like nuggets and chips, however your entire party and the waiter will all at some point make a judgemental comment making it difficult for you to enjoy your meal when you’ve been made to feel like a fool.

The Fear of Other People’s Homes:
Having somebody cook for you is a lovely experience. That lovely experience can quickly turn sour when you ask what you’re having and they reply with something you hate or worse, “it’s a surprise”. These words will fill a fussy eater with terror and leave them trying to discover the quickest escape route. Just to warn you, if they’ve been in the bathroom for over 10 minutes they’ve probably climbed out of the window and gone to the nearest McDonald to get a plain cheese burger.

Why Is Nothing Simple?:
Sometimes you will want to treat yourself and buy lunch. This may sound simple and easy but you are wrong. Trying to find a plainish sandwich is one of the most difficult experiences you will ever face.
If I want a ham and cheese sandwich, I either have to have it with mustard (ew) or have it without butter. What if I want just ham, cheese and butter?
I know what you’re saying. Just make your own you fuss pot. Well I forgot to buy some more bread and now I’m stuck in this hell of a choice. Help!

No matter where you go or who you go with somebody will always judge you when you make an amended order. As a fussy eater there is no escaping the judgement.
I say just let us eat our plain food and be happy!

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