When you start first start at a new gym, it’s the start of a new fitter and healthier you. But there will be so many things going through your head when you walk through those gym doors.

Are they looking at me?

Whether its running on the treadmill or bench pressing in the weight room, you will always have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that someone is watching you. You might catch someone glimpsing at you from the other side of the gym, or you look in the mirror and see the reflection of a persons eyes staring at you. Starting a new gym will always make you paranoid of wandering eyes, just preserve through and you won’t be worried about the glares of gym members.

Am I doing this right?

Starting a new gym can be tough, when there is all new equipment that you haven’t seen before and have no idea what to do with it. The best way to know how to use a new piece of gym equipment works is to just try it right? Well, when you start using this new piece of equipment, and it’s not going very well you start to wonder am I doing this right?

Am I sweating?

When you start a new gym, you’re not going to be the fittest and healthiest looking one straight away. When you’re on the cross-trainer and burning a few calories, you will start to think am I sweating already? You then start to subtly check under your arms, and use your phone to check the damage that has been done by the cross-trainer.

How long should I stay for?

When starting at a new gym, you want to make a good first impression to your fellow gym members even if they’re aren’t take any notice of you and getting on with their own workout. It’s always a dilemma on the first day of your new gym, when deciding when is the best time for you to finish your workout and leave. Does going for an hour look like you’re being lazy? Or does staying in the gym for the hours on end, make you look to eager?

Does this outfit look okay?

Even though you’re going to the gym, it’s always good to make an effort with your attire. Having a nice gym outfit when you’re at the gym makes you feel more confident, and you always think to yourself do I look good in this new gym top I bought?

All the things that go through your head when you start a new gym are always going to happen, but once you get into a regular routine at the gym. You won’t be worrying about how sweaty you are and you will eventually learn how to use all the equipment in the gym.

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