With the extremely interchangeable weather at the moment, it is the time of year where a lot of people turn their attention to the summer and where they want to go for their yearly holiday. There are many destinations that regular holidaymakers go to: South of France, perhaps to Florida in America or one of the many Greek Islands where it seems fashionable to go these days.

However, as this is a student magazine article, I think it is best if I focus on holidays that broke people still go on (excluding ones they get their relatives to pay for anyway). If you’re like me and you listen to the radio on a regular basis, you’ll be very familiar with the constant nagging, otherwise known as adverts, to getting cheap plane tickets to America, £135 from Bristol to anywhere in America and Canada is one that has been brought up quite often for instance. (For anyone reading this from Heart radio, I am expecting a free holiday of my choice for that amazing advertising). That being said, even that may be a stretch for the average teenager trying to be independent.

Perhaps a European escape then? Whilst doing research for this article and for my own purposes of holiday planning, I noticed on a certain websites called cheapflights.com (other websites offering deals on holidays for poor people are available), they were offering return flights to the beautiful cities of Rome and Venice for less than the price of a brand new Xbox game. I’m sure you’ll agree that is a very good price, regardless of the legitimacy of the site. And a real eye opener for those of us out there who think spending money on a games console and game is a wise investment

So the purpose of this article is for students who are struggling to cope with the rent at their halls due to their questionable student loan to read this and think ‘perhaps all is not lost.’ Thank you for reading this, and I hope to see at least some of you on a flight to Azerbaijan or Luxembourg in the summer.

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