I’m certain that most people I know at university are not in relationships. And it makes sense. Because, being at uni, is a time about you. And you know what, even valentine’s day can be a good day to appreciate yourself, and embrace being single.
So here are my 6 reasons, why being single is a good thing when you’re a student.
  •  It’s a time for you to do whatever in the world you want (that finances allow)
You’re in your late teens/early twenties. You’re away from home, most probably for the first time and you have a lot more freedom and choice over yourself. You can go out as much as you want. You can meet new people and not be afraid of strangers (as long as they’re also students). You can drink and embarrass yourself as much as you can because, you have no one to impress. You’ll have an awesome group of friends who understand you in and out, and never judge your excessive behaviour. And the best thing: When all the friends are gone, you’ll have your much needed, unspoilt, alone time.
  •  But a really, really busy time!
The above being said, you do have your financial limits, but most of all, a limited amount of free time. With piles of coursework and exam seasons, time management is difficult with uni work that often requires all your focus and attention. You might even have a part time job or be part of societies, volunteering and so on.  And between that and trying to be social (because, you know, having friends is nice), you barely ever have any time to just lay back as it is. And being in a relationship does require your time and attention probably as much as coursework (if you’re doing it right of course).
  •  You don’t know where life is taking you afterwards
Will you stay where, you’re studying? Go back home? London? New York? Rome? Who knows where your future career, and life choices will take you…
Although, once you finish university, you’re most likely to go back home until you have enough resources for life to take you anywhere.
Point is, it’s likely that your friends, and partner, will likely not be anywhere near you. And if you’re in a real relationship it will bring a lot of stress to your personal decisions. If you’re single and happy, however, life can take you wherever you try to get to, and the only choice you need to think of, is your own.
  •  You are yet to find yourself in the real world

You are young and your responsibilities aren’t many, whereas your freedoms are. You might come out of uni with an insane amount of theories in your head. You may have even found out a lot about your own personality and what you like and dislike… But what you will still have to learn, is how that inner you, will cope, and change when you don’t have student loans or parents lending you money. When you do, really, have an image to keep up and a job to keep and a lot more bills and taxes to pay. You’ll need to make yourself suitable to the world you live in. And you don’t know what that will be yet. Your needs and wants will probably change again, like they did when you left college and came to uni. Being single during this period of time, will allow you to spend some time focusing on building you, and it might just save you from an awkward ‘It’s not you, it’s me (really)’ later on.

  •  Nobody to worry about and waste very precious time on over analysing texts and calls and …
We all do it. We all hate that feeling of fear of loosing someone or not being liked enough that sends us to overanalyse every little detail about a relationship. It’s normal, and completely fine if kept to a healthy extent. But, do you really need that, in a time when you should be having all the fun you can before life taxes your freedom?
You can take these worries upon yourself later on, when you actually need a relationship and clocks are ticking etc etc (if that’s how you feel)
  •  Being alone on Valentines day can have it’s benefits (or maybe I’m just weird)

I like Valentine’s day. I like it a lot. All the cute, cuddly teddy bears, flowers, , the colour red… I like them all year round, but around the 14th of February, they fill all the shops and it makes me feel warm and bubbly inside. I like to treat myself to roses and chocolate, and rose and elderflower juice and watch a rom com. I don’t watch rom coms often enough, so this is my way of celebrating love. To some it may sound sad, but I quite enjoy it. It’s a peaceful me time, and I’m not jealous of my friends that are in relationships, stressing over whether their other half will find it cute or too cheesy and so on. I’m happy they’re in love, and I know I will be when the right moment comes, and if it’s during university and it’s really worth it, I will be happy to compromise all of the above, but if not, I’m more than happy being single.

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