Now that the Holidays are over and the hype slowly dies, the winter blues takes over us. It gets colder with every day, snow is on its way and we feel under the weather. We are kind of fed up with the Christmas presents by now, the scale shows a couple of kilograms more and New Year’s eve exhausted us. So how can we boost the endorphins level up?

• Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa or hot chocolate
The house is finally silent. There are no fireworks booming out of your neighbour’s backyard. Your university deadlines are far ahead (like a week, but still counts). Now is the time to cuddle under the soft blankets with a nice cup of hot beverage (non- alcoholic, give your liver a break!), preferably hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. Enjoy a nice film with an actual story line that does not include Santa, Rudolph or a snowman.

• Organize a weekend trip!
Chances are you are back to work soon, so why not make the most out of your winter break. The festive season is over, the tourist offers for NYE in London are out and the city is as peaceful as the capital can get. Visit as many museums as you possibly can, they are free entry. You’ll lose hours staring at ancient skeletons, beautiful pictures and strange machines. Also, the walking around will help you lose those 2 kilograms you gained during Christmas.

• Go shopping…
It is sales time! Everything is half price, no matter which side you turn your head to you see the red labels. You can spend hours in the warm shopping mall, while it is freezing outside. You most likely will not escape from the crowds, but who needs too much time alone when there are sales. Bear in mind that you might be a little bit short on cash after buying presents for the whole family so use your card wisely. However, a new pair of shoes will never go to waste.

• Gather your friends for a game
Book a sports hall in a nearby gym. Call all of your friends and divide into teams. Enough with the board games at home, it is time to break some sweat. Choose a game like volleyball, badminton, basketball and enjoy the exercise. After the festivities everyone will need some toning up and they sure have made a new year’s resolution to keep fit. This is then the perfect way to have fun and catch up after the holidays. Just don’t take the score too seriously.

• Bungee jumping
Go bungee jumping, skydiving or something similar. Or just start saving for it. Confronting your fears will make you happier. The adrenaline rush will boost your mood and you will have a great start of the new year. You can always take someone with you for comfort or organize it as a group challenge. The more, the merrier. The sense of accomplishment will make you feel better than the new Christmas jumper you found under the tree.

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