As children we cannot wait to grow up! We walk around in our Mum’s high heels, we try to wear our Dad’s ties and all sorts, just so we can pretend to be in the wonderful world of adulthood.

No. All of those ideas that being an adult is great are very wrong.
Being an adult sucks!

How much?!
As a child and even as a teenager our parents tend to buy our necessities for us. Once you get to a certain age and you have to buy it yourself, (which sucks on it’s own level) you suddenly realise how over priced these products are.
£3.50 for a sensitive toothpaste? £3 for a can of deodorant? The problem is we have to buy them if we don’t want to smell, and that sucks.
You can forget that designer t-shirt you had your eye on. All your money will go on shampoo.

Braving it Alone:
Once you reach that age where you’re considered as an adult you have to start doing things like ringing the doctors and dentists yourself. Then you actually have to go on your own as well!
Everybody in waiting rooms seem to put on a brave face, but deep down we are all worried that the crazy dentist is going to pull out all of our teeth by accident.
The absolute worse things about going to the doctors as an adult is blood tests. They don’t give adults magic cream to make the pain go. That sucks.

As children we all have dreams and ambitions about our future careers and we all cannot wait to get started. In reality working sucks.
You work your absolute hardest for minimum wage, come home tired and groggy, and then at the end of the month the tax office decided to take away half of your earnings.
That sucks too.

So you’ve worked all week and now it’s finally the weekend! There’s so much you can do like going to park with your friends, going into town to have a McDonald’s and so on. Unless you’re an adult. Then you have to spend your free time cleaning, and to make it worse, woodland creatures will not come and help no matter how much you sing.

Grown Up Hobbies are Expensive:
Things you enjoy doing as an adult are extremely pricey when you have to pay for them yourself.
If you want a nice bottle wine you have to pay a nice price, it’s just not the same as your Mum getting you a big bottle of WKD from ASDA for the weekend.
The gym subscriptions are also quiet a hefty price. It’s cheaper to just go play Stuck in the Mud with your friends.

If you’re not yet an adult, trust me when I say it’s no fun.
If you are an adult just remember you are only as young as you feel! Apparently.

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