We all have a couple of friends who can drive and it’s great isn’t? Those early morning lectures that you just need a little boost for. So what do you do? Ask your mate who drives to rush you down to McDonald’s before the breakfast menu stops. Pep yourself up, and head to your early morning lesson. It’s great isn’t? Well for you maybe.
Sometimes it seemed like a taxi service. Your friends can just give you a call at anytime of day or night and request a ride. Being called at 5 AM by your excessively drunk mates, who attempt to string together a sentence along the lines of…
“Can you pick us up?”
Of course you say yes, most of the time, because your a good friend. But isn’t it funny how they never have any money?
The “designated driver” sucks too. Everybody knows it’s not fun being the only sober one at a party. It’s about as awkward as getting on a busy tubeline, attempting to avoid any unnecessary body contact or scrapes of genitalia. And you always have to wait till the end. Most of the time the parties awful but to your mates, it’s quality. Probably something to do with them being intoxicated. The drawbacks to adulthood hey.
When you get to the later years of your teenage youth you get into a routine. You wake up, go to college or go to work, go home, and maybe towards the end of the week, you’ll meet a couple of mates, go for drinks, or food, or hit the town. Generally, you and your mates are happy with your periodic way of life but there’s always that one friend. The one who plans road trip to Patagonia or some other place at the end of the rainbow. It’s no problem for them, all they have to do is hop in the car and all is well.
So let’s be honest, being that mate who drives, does kinda suck at time.
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