I’m sure we have all been there on an outing with friends. All of them have one too many and can barely even stumble out of the latest disgusting back alley pub you have been to. Or perhaps you all want to go on holiday but haven’t realised that you haven’t got the necessary qualification to drive more than two feet on your parents drive. There is always one person who is the designated driver. Be it on an night out or on a summer holiday to Ibiza, there’ll always be that one who has to cram everyone in the car.

For us students, this arises a particular problem. Unless you are born with a certain silver spoon up your (and I’ll leave that for you to fill in), then the car that you will own will not be the very latest offering from Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche. It will more than likely be the first of a long line of Fiat Puntos’ (I should know, as I have one) or Vauxhall Corsas’. These were not built to carry five drunken teenagers home from a frankly awful night out; possibly a pensioner from between shopping trips and bingo.

Not only with this overload of size create a problem with actually moving the damn car, this may cause a problem of being taken for granted. I know on days I have been with friends I have been asked to give fuel money which I happily provide, but I have also been with the same friends when they have not acquired for this payment. Naturally this has pleased me (I’m a student), but also made me think that perhaps they don’t realise how helpful they are being to me. I have always said when I become one of the drivers I wouldn’t ever ask for petrol money because I don’t want to take advantage of people, but at the same time would they take advantage of me if they didn’t provide this valuable financial support?

As I sit next to a guy in the library who probably thinks I am having a mental breakdown as I wonder what angle I should take on this article, I believe that perhaps my initial attitude should change. I feel we live in a world where being nice and doing favours for people are quickly not becoming the norm. In an age of ten year olds sitting in their rooms shooting prostitutes on video games and teenagers spending more time on their phone than actually speaking, it has become more rare to be nice to people nowadays. So that’s what I will do, I’m declaring now to changing my believes and deciding to become horrible in order to get money.

P.s. for anyone reading this who wants me to drive them anywhere in the future, I will be happy to really I am just exaggerating for comedic effect, that is I will when I finally decide to pass my driving test.

P.p.s. Shout out to that guy sitting next to me. No idea who you are but your food smells great.

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