With the romantic season upon us I thought I would come up with a few words of advice for you men who are in relationships or going into relationships.

Whether it’s a matter of buying that Xbox game you shouldn’t have bought or it’s a matter of ending up ridiculously drunk on someone’s bathroom floor the night before, you’re not hiding it from your girlfriend. Trust me.

It’s not a lack of trust, or a matter of being nosey, it’s just being a woman. They know. It’s like a sixth sense that rings alarm bells when you’re trying to hide something.

The hesitation as you quickly scramble around your brain trying to make up excuses and cover stories, be it a split second, gives it all away. And then you’re screwed.

My advice to you; be honest. Sure the repercussions of what you have done might be bad, but it’s one thing shooting yourself in the foot, and another reloading the gun. Just tell her up front and deal with the anger, upset and day of being ignored because it will save you weeks of the latter.

Another piece of advice; don’t underestimate a woman. When she says she knows, she knows, so just give it up. Women always know more than they say, think more than they speak and notice lot more than you realise.

Thirdly; buy her flowers or do something nice to soften the blow. When you realise you need to come clean and tell her something, having something to pull out the bag after and make her smile might help (depending how much trouble you’ve got yourself into). I’m not saying gifts or nice gestures will make up for it, but they usually make it just that little bit better.

So save yourself the hassle guys, and just tell her. Don’t wait until she finds out because it will be ten times worse than if you tell her yourself, and the longer you wait the worse it will be.

I hope this bit of advice hasn’t scared you away from telling your valentine your feelings this weekend, and I hope you all have a lovely day full of romance.

Good Luck (for all those men who have something to come clean about)!

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