Funerals. What comes to mind when we say the morbid word? Probably a miserable affair with black clothes and a grim selection of triangle sandwiches and stale sausage rolls. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom… Have you ever thought about going out with a bang? Having an ultimate party to remind everyone what a legend you were?

Probably not, seeing as you’re a young and budding student. But the folks over at are giving you the chance to get one over on the grim reaper and map out a belter of a funeral. Whether you’re a death diva, having the last laugh or keeping it ‘dead boring’, there will be no two funerals the same because you’re given multiple options from how you rock up in your casket (or zorb), to what your guests have to wear (or don’t).

Why not give it a go? It’s a bit of a laugh and we all know students love to plan a party. Oh, and how could we forget? There is a £1000 prize on offer to one specially selected entry! Check out the site HERE and get the #partyofyourlife planned today!

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