Be it during Freshers’ week, or a spontaneous sparring of midweek madness prior to (or post) exams, you’ll have probably been on a night out in your local student city. You and your mates will be in a full swing of drunken madness, when all of a sudden you spot that age old stereotype propping themselves up in the corner of the club. And even if you haven’t seen the oh-so-common specimen, take a look again, because this feature is going to name and shame the types of people you’ll definitely see in a club, and here they are…
The Freeloader The Girls Night Out The Liability The Loaner The On The Pull The Sensible One

Recognise any of them? We thought so. These creatures are more common than the ritual of the end of night kebab and the three for a fiver Jaeger bombs, so if you are yet to spot one, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding. Next time you’re out with your squad, why not play a game of club dweller’s bingo and see who can get a full house first. Want access to more local events? Check out Snizl!

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