Productive procrastination… is there such a thing? I find that there are some productive things I do whilst trying to put off doing other productive things – maybe it’s just me trying to justify my procrastination?! Anyways, here are a few procrastination things you can do that I think are fairly productive.

Youtube Videos

Now, they can only be productive if you are watching something that isn’t a music video or beauty tutorial. Sometimes there are fact videos where you find out things you didn’t know. I always find that one of those you learn something new everyday moments crop up when I have watched an informative Youtube video.


I’m going to admit that I am one of those people that loves watching documentaries. I find that some of them are really interesting and gripping and therefore entertaining yet educational. Channel 4 do great ones for controversial topics, historical events and personal stories. I have heard Netflix have a few documentary drama series’ too but I haven’t had the chance to watch Making A Murderer – I am sure I’ll be joining the hype soon!


I have a planner and I am completely obsessed with it. I enjoy planning what I am going to be doing everyday and whether I put Catch up on PLL or Write up notes in there, I know it is a satisfying feeling when I can tick it off and feel like I have accomplished something that day. Planning can be a distraction, especially if you have an extremely busy schedule of planning hour by hour it can take a lot of your time. Nonetheless, it will ensure you are going to be productive after completing the itinerary even if it takes you a while to figure out what you are doing when. Planning could also be for meals, shopping, workouts or assignments. It is a very important stage before actually being super productive (I think, at least).


Obviously reading is a form of productive procrastination! Fiction or non-fiction, it will extend your vocabulary and broaden your understanding of the world. I am really bad with reading as I often give up a few pages in but I am sure when I decide to commit to one book, I will have learnt a few new things.

So.. is productive procrastination a thing? Let me know how you spend your time procrastinating (as if I don’t need any more distractions…)

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