“Show people who you are. Never apologise for being awesome. Stay positive. Stay the course.”

My friend was getting picked on in university – yes, university, how does that still happen? And the teacher told him one thing that will stop them was to stop saying sorry for a whole week, which turned out to be genius.

Think about how often you apologise for things that you don’t need to really apologise for at all, it’s a common tendency – especially when we’re raised to think it’s just being polite.

I have caught myself in the past apologising to people that tread on my toes accidentally – as if to say it’s my own fault that I was walking there, I may as well just say ‘sorry I have feet’ as that’s how ridiculous it seems looking back.

Obviously we shouldn’t stop apologising altogether, as we often will be in the wrong and that’s when they’re necessary, but when someone rushes past you or treads on your toes, or moves your things as if they’re in the way – we shouldn’t be feeling any kind of guilt.

Trust me, you’ll feel a little bit more empowered – it’s a weird logic, but it works, stop apologising for being exactly how you are.

How many times have you said sorry when someone’s bumped in to you as they walked past, instead of lifting up your head and putting even more of a stride in your step?

Now’s the time to be the lead character of your own life, and this is one little way to do that that’s definitely worked for me.

Important advice to help your 2016 be the year of positive change, never apologise for being awesome.

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