We all remember the feeling of dreading going to the classes that we hated and not being mentally or physically prepared for the next hour – unless you had a supply teacher, which I’m sure all of us thought as the best thing ever!

No homework!

You totally enjoyed the latest drama to go down in the Big Brother house instead of doing your maths homework, but now it’s too late and it’s time for class. You’re thinking about what you are going to do when Mr Smith asks everyone to take their homework out, then you enter the room and see the supply teacher and breathe a big sigh of relief.

No lesson plan!

Since the supply had no idea that you were meant to be having a science test, instead you’ve made your own lesson plan – to sit back, relax and do nothing! Bliss.

Bring your friends to class

We all are guilty of telling our mates to come to our class instead of going to their own. The supply wouldn’t notice if they were meant to be there or not.

No seating plan

We all had a teacher who still put us in a seating plan even if we were in year 10, but that didn’t apply when they weren’t in.

Making our own rules

Most of the time supply teachers had no clue about certain classroom rules, so what better idea than to create your own – like being allowed to eat in class or leaving 5 minutes early.

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