We all have those awkward or frustrating moments when we suddenly realise something that makes our heart stop temporarily. Here are some of my most frequent ‘moments’.

  1.  That moment when… you look at your 15 pairs of shoes and realise that you have a shoe hoarding collection, but continue to buy more.
  2. That moment when… you fart in public but you aren’t sure whether it was just a fart or not, so you have to do a little wiggle to see if you’ve had an accident…
  3. That moment when… you trip over a broken piece of pavement and you look around desperately hoping that nobody saw.
  4. That moment when you’re in class and you get a cramp four days before your period is due…
  5. That moment when… you didn’t hear what your friend said but you’ve already asked them to repeat themselves twice so you say ‘haha yeah’ and they reply ‘that wasn’t a question’.
  6. That monet when… you’re eating something cheesy in public, and the cheese is stringy so it’s all stuck to your chin and a stranger notices and can’t stop staring at you.
  7. That moment when… you are having dinner with your partner and you burp out loud because you’ve forgotten you’re in public.
  8. That moment when… your flatmates ask why there is no hot water left, and you know it’s because you’ve just had a two hour shower.
  9. That moment when.. you get ID’d for a scratch card but you’re 19 years old.
  10. That moment when… you’re enjoying your shower and the fire alarm goes off.
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